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Full Movie: Hands On... Adira & Alexa

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Hands On... Adira & Alexa

With your girl friend Adira Allure, you decided to have a pleasant evening with her friend Alexa Flexy playing billiard...

After few minutes, Adira decides that this game is rather boring, and takes the matter in her hands by grabing the ass of Alexa and starting kissing her...

Adira will fast undress Alexa, and will start to lick and suck the ass, the pussy and the boobies of her sexual friend... than she will start to use the billiard balls a totally different way than it is usually done...

A new game is on!, and fingers, tongues, and a vibrator, are the new accessories in play!

So grab your VR headset and come enrich your fantasies with the sweet little tomboy Alexa and the hot slut Adira.

Released:Apr 19, 2022
Length:26 min

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